Big Button Mobile Phones

How good is big button mobile phones for elderly OAP Person

It is no brainer that older you get, the harder it gets for you to remember things. You try your best to keep things simple to avoid complications. You basically need something that does the job.

Big button OAP Mobile phones are made in keeping elderly person in mind. in fact, it is made mainly for them. Recent version of these phones have plenty of useful features. Not only that, special consideration is also given to the fact that these features has to be available for easy access.

Safety features:


Having a safety feature is also necessary aspect for these type of device as it makes a person feel safe even when no one is around in the house. Therefore, SOS feature is now available in many of these big button mobile phones. When the user presses this button, then selected people from their contact list is notified. This allows the recipient to know that there is a problem and they should react.

Torch also comes as standard in many of these devices. Which click of a simple button, a user would have an access to torch to tackle darkness in the house.

The design


Of course you would  not find a design like a Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 edge or an iPhone in these type of phones, however, you need to keep in mind that they are built for a completely different purpose then those touch screen mobile phones. The purpose of these mobile phones are to make simple features such as calling, messaging, etc as simple as possible for elderly users. Therefore design does not need to be very fancy. A clean and well thought design does the job here.

Other features of big button mobile phones

Depending on the model you purchase, there are plenty of useful features that are available on these phones. Few key features are as following.

  • Colour LCD Display
  • Backlit keypad
  • Alarm Function
  • LED torch (As mentioned above)
  • Low battery warning (useful to make sure the mobile is always on and put it on charging as soon as the battery goes low)

Currently we have two variants of these mobile phone on sale and they are listed below.

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